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13 Best Ways to Have Rough Sex

13 Best Ways to Have Rough Sex

Pain and pleasure release endorphins, morphine-like chemicals produced in the body. If you learn to combine pain with sexual pleasure, somehow, you will immediately feel as good as possible when you make love.

Here are 13 sex tips that you can use in bed with your Essex Escorts. But always remember to avoid drowning in the heat of the moment.

Scream and yell.

Not all of us are sexually screamers, but when you get roughed up and raise your voice, you will feel more relaxed and carefree, which will drive you to wilder.

Nibble and bite.

Using your teeth while in bed is always the best way to get the animal out. Bite hard, but not hard enough to draw blood. Pay attention to the erogenous zones around the neck, chest, abdomen, inner thighs, elbows, and ankles.

Claw your lover.

Scratch with your fingernail. Moving a painful line with your fingernail on the soft skin of your lover’s back will create sexy moves that can cause a lot of pain. But when you are sexually high, all of that discomfort turns into sexual adrenaline.

Pull each other’s hair.

Take some of your lover’s fist hair just above the scalp at the back of their head, and pull it out. You won’t lose your grip, but the pain will be even more pleasurable when you hold your lover by the ends of your hair.

Aggressive movements.

Hit each other hard as if it’s no tomorrow, and aggressive movements trigger both of you, as long as you both hold on long enough. But remember, you are dealing with a sensitive part of the body here, so don’t step away and press too deep or too hard.

Burning slap.

Slap each other on the face or chest, or if you stand behind your partner at any crossroads, slap their back or butt. The pain of seeing will bring out the animal in your lover.

Abusive words.

Never heard this sentence, “Say my name!” Or “Call me a bitch!”? Well, many lovers like to be called trash and hear about dirty abuse. If your lover is into called a whore, go ahead and get them involved.

Fantasy and role play.

The words you choose play a big part in setting the mood for sex. Hold your partner’s hair while you fall on your side and say something dirty about what you want to do with him or her. Or claims that you are two other people, like two strangers on a flight or a drunken stranger at a party. If you have an active imagination, you will get your lover excited before you do anything else.


Forcing your partner to have sex can work if you both enjoy dominant, shining roles. Press your head above yours, or grab your lover’s neck or hand and command him or her around the bed.


If your nails don’t hurt enough, use a short whip. They were very painful, and it was too strong and insulting to whip.

Tie your lover.

Tie your lover’s hands and feet to the bedpost or hold their hand

Be firm with your hands. The helplessness of the situation can change both of you, as one of you will have complete control over the other. You can also use a cuff instead of a strap.


Spanking is the poster boy of rough sex. When someone thinks of rough

sex, they almost always visualize a hard smack on a bare bottom. You know to smack, so go right ahead and smack them until they turn deep red.

Force yourself on your lover.

The rape fantasy. If your partner gets aroused by the thought of being sexually overpowered by a stranger, talk dirty about a fantasy where your lover’s being forced into sexual submission by someone else. And as you

visualize the scene, make sure your hands continue to play rough with your partner’s body.

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