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We at Essex Escorts understand, having a latex allergy, or simply being sensitive to the substance can make shopping for condoms that won’t irritate your skin frustrating. That’s because latex condoms are pretty much everywhere, and with good reason. They’re highly effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy and STI/HIV transmission.

For people with a latex allergy or sensitivity, condoms made from alternate materials are usually considered the way to go. Polyurethane condoms, which are made from plastic, are ideal for those looking for a thinner, barely-there feel. Meanwhile, polyisoprene condoms, which are made using synthetic rubber, offer more stretchiness than ordinary latex does.

a lot of condoms have casein to create a softer texture. That’s not really a problem. Unless, of course, you’re a vegan. If you give up products like leather, in addition to following a vegan diet for ethical reasons, it might make sense for you to consider using vegan condoms, too.

Essex Escorts Agency is here to provide you these 4 Best Choices of Vegan Condoms.


GLYDE’S mission is to revolutionize sexual health and wellness. They source the materials for their line of personal care products from worker-owned and operated producers who utilize Fair Trade labor practices and provide equal pay to men and women.

The natural rubber used in their condoms is grown sustainably and is indigenous to the region where it grows. Glyde also focuses on keeping their carbon footprint low, and their packaging is made with recycled materials and vegetable-based inks. Glyde’s condoms are completely free of casein, glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals, and the spermicide Nonoxynol-9.


Trojan’s Supra Non-Latex Bareskin condoms. One of the major perks of using polyurethane over polysioprene is that condoms made from this material are much thinner. Polyurethane is actually a type of plastic that doesn’t have any traces of latex plant proteins whatsoever, but chances are plastic will be the last thing that crosses your mind once you unwrap one of these. The single greatest reason to choose these condoms over any others featured on this list is that you can use them with oil-based lube.

Even if you don’t have a latex sensitivity, the fact that these condoms are oil-compatible is a game-changer, since you can’t use it with latex and polysioprene. If you’re having anal sex and strongly prefer an oil-based option for lubrication, these Trojan condoms are a must-have. They also protect against pregnancy and STIs, so they’re basically perfect.


It’s not as barely-there as lambskin, but a Kimono MicroThin is the next best thing for couples who want a condom that feels more natural and protects against STDs. According to the manufacturer, this condom is 20 percent thinner than competitors’ “thin” models, but it’s still strong enough to pass vigorous testing.


Typically, these types of condoms are designed to be worn internally, in a vagina. However, a lot of people are inclined to pass them over because they seem much more complicated to use than condoms made for penises. The truth is, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, internal condoms are different, but there are plenty of advantages to using them, too. For starters, they’re made from strong but flexible nitrile and come with an easy-to-squeeze inner ring that makes insertion pretty easy, once you get past that learning curve.

Of course, because they’re made of nitrile and not latex, these condoms are a great alternative for anyone with a latex allergy. Since nitrile is heat-sensitive, this condom actually warms up when exposed to friction, which can feel extra stimulating. Also, because it’s designed to worn internally, it can actually be inserted before you start messing around, so you don’t have to hit pause on any action when you and your partner are finally ready to get down to business.

This is the 4 Best Choices of Vegan Condoms according to Essex Escorts We hope that we might help you have a Better Experience.