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We at Essex Escorts thinks even though the sexual positions on this list may not be super strenuous, they do not exactly double the amount when you’re working out. Well, unless you are having sex actively for hours and hours, you are not going to burn that many calories.

There is a study that concluded men burn 100 calories during average sex session, while women only burn about 69 calories, but we think that those figures are likely overestimated. The researchers have found that men burn roughly 4.2 calories per minutes during sex session, while women only burn 3.1 calories.

Technically, you can count sex as a workout, and it depends on how vigorous it is, it may reach the level of moderate exercise, said by an expert. Meanwhile, no amount of sex can replace regular physical activities, there are certainly some athletic or acrobatic sex positions that may work your cardiovascular system and muscles more intensely than the others.

Essex Escorts Agency is here to provide you these 4 Best Sex Positions to Boost-Up Your Fitness.


Well, this position may need a bit of caution, but it can be a lot of fun for both of you. Start this position off in missionary, with you in between her legs, on top of her. You need to pull your body up so you’re sitting on your heels. You should pull your body into a low bridge position. From here on, slowly raise her legs and rest her ankle on your shoulders (her left ankle will go on your right shoulder, and her right ankle on your left shoulder).

Finally, she sits all the way up so you’re kneeling, pulling her legs up into the air even higher. She will essentially be in a shoulder stand position. It indeed takes a lot of work for you both to hold her body heels-over-head, but this position is worth to do.


This mountain climber position is just like missionary, only that you are propping yourself up with your arms. And this position is also well-known as “The Push Up,” in that case you will need more than abs to pull it off successfully. You will also need to have strong chest, shoulders, and back too.


In the fire hydrant, traditionally, you need to start in doggy style and then lift up one of your lady’s legs and rest it on your thigh. But you can also lift up your lady’s leg with your arms, any one of those that you like. This will grant you more access to her sweet-sweet spot and gives yourself a little arm and shoulder flex.


Some of you may have never heard this position. Let us give you a little knowledge. This position is from the Kama Sutra, the thousand-year-old Indian text which includes philosophical musings about sex and relationships. The way to do it is your lady needs to lie down on her back, and you need to wrap your thighs around her.

By this position, you can use both of your hands.Both you and your lady will experience a deep hip opening stretch from the position. You are almost doing a sumo squat in this position, which will strengthen your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings.

How about that? Those are the 4 Best Sex Positions to Boost-Up Your Fitness Session according to Essex Escorts We hope that we might help you have a Better Experience. We bet that the ladies in Essex would love to be your partner to train your new skills. Don’t wait too long to book our ladies. The sooner you call is better. You can call us at +442033013338 or +442033013339 to book our Escorts and we guarantee you the best escort service in the area.