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6 Best Golf Courses in Essex

6 Best Golf Courses in Essex

If you want to go on your next golf trip, your brain may not think about Essex right away, but it really should.

With a very epic curriculum at the forefront, we’ve looked at 6 hidden gems you need to try.

Here are 6 best golf courses you need to try with your Essex Escorts.

The Warren

Located an hour outside of London, Warren estate stems from the Roman occupation of England. It is now an 18 hole golf course, one of the most attractive clubhouses in the country.

When the land was converted into a golf course in 1902, it was initially a 9-hole course but expanded when the state changed hands in 1934.

The holes that stand out for this course are the 9th and 13th. Both are the same 4 but will test your game in different ways. The 9 is 439 yards from White Tea, but it is only after reaching the hill’s top that the big hitters arrive. The green blind kick adds to the challenge and makes it the toughest hole, of course.


Located on Thames’ northern edge, the Orset Golf Course is one of Essex’s premier courses. This is evidenced by its status as a regional qualifying venue for the Open Championship.

Due to its location, you can expect strong winds around the court to play it out in very different ways from day today. Instead of the usual mud-based courses at Essex, Orsett is built on sand, which provides excellent drainage to the course and keeps the course in good condition even in wet conditions.

Stoke by Nayland – Gainsborough course

Opened in 1972, the Gainsborough course at Stoke by Nayland is relatively young. Set up near the Dedham Vale area of Essex, it is an area of natural beauty which makes playing the course a pleasure.

The course covers more than 7,000 yards and is fierce competition. Most of the courses they play consider the tenth hole to be the best on the course. A 418-yard cover 4, you sneak over the lake from where you torn before you turned green in the same lake. Then there’s the challenging par 3 that plays over 200 yards that test the length and accuracy of your iron.

In 1999 a luxury hotel, health club, and spa were added, which makes it a great place to stay and play on weekends, and its sister course, Constable, is also a great track that tests all golfers’ qualities. Able

Thorndon Park

Designed in 1920 by Harry Colt and Charles Alison, Thorndon Park is a lovely mini-park to enjoy. As is usually the case, the mileage was wide enough to make the driver take off on multiple occasions but was just as punishable as punishing every mistake.

An 18th-century mansion sits over several holes that make the course feel like England. In particular, the 18 hole where you head straight into the estate provides a lovely backdrop for the last few shots of your day.


The Chelmsford Golf Club was founded in 1893, but its existing site has only been used since 1924 when Harry Colt designed the layout.

It can be measured only 6,000 yards from the previous holiday, but don’t get me wrong, and it’s easy to pick up. With so many holes in the valley, the lawn is often tricked, and no matter how open the ground is, the wind can also play a role here.

According to the members, his signature hole is the fourth, a short but challenging Par-3 with a very gentle green color.


The immovable parking lot in Colchester was founded in 1907, and James Brad is the person behind the design. Officially opened in 1910, Brad played an exhibition match against JH Taylor to celebrate the event, but it was only a nine-hole course at the time. Finally, in 1938, nine more were added.

The front nine is the place where the scoring can be made when two par 10 par 10s give you some chance to birdie. In Nine and Nine, the difficulty increases from four yards to four yards. The two closing holes, 17 and 18, are solid.