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7 Best Outdoor Sex ideas

7 Best Outdoor Sex ideas

There’s nothing like a sexy time in the summer. There are many wild ways to act out “the birds and the bees” in Mother Nature when you’re feeling a little feverish. All you need for these outdoor sex positions is a little creativity and a lot of awareness about your surroundings.

So, as long as you are very careful about where you do it, don’t take it lightly, and refrain from any illegal activity, you are fine. 

Here are the 7 best outdoor sex ideas to try with your Essex Escorts.

In the water

Bodies of water are great because their utility allows you to move around and emphasizes how it might be impossible to get out of the water. Also, it keeps you cool and gives you a little privacy from below the waist. An excellent position for this is the ‘Tree Hugger,’ where one person is standing, and the other person wraps their legs and arms around their neck.

In the wild

Speaking of the Tree Hugger, whether you are a natural human or not, you cannot deny their summons in the forest. Apart from that, Mother Earth gives us a lot of sexual support. Well, a tree.

One partner stands facing a tree and uses it to help while another comes from behind. Standing sex offers full-body contact, a great view, and no sand or dirt in your crevices.

In the swing

Come to think of it, and the hammock is almost like a giant sex swing. Having sex in a hammock can be difficult, but it can be advantageous for both partners. While the possibilities for different positions are endless, some are easier than others. If you’re concerned about balance, have one partner stand outside the hammock while the other sits up straight. Much like using the sex swing, the hammock’s speed allows the recipient to fulfill the giver’s desires. In addition, it allows deep eye contact for both parties.

In the tent

There are tents under the tents; then there are other types of tents. Camping in the woods and spooning position sex in the cozy tent is worth a try. Suggestion: Make sure your tent is under the shade of the trees, as it can get hot sexually.

On the Ferris wheel or roller coaster

Park sex can be more fun and less scary. Really, keeping your hands and mouth busy on a Ferris Wheel or some kind of tour is very hot. This is the fastest, least dangerous, and best way to take advantage of the weather.

In the car

Car sex is always a good idea, whatever the weather. But there is something about having sex from the top down that is super hot. Al Fresco car sex. Open or leave the sunroof and use a seat belt to hold your partner’s hand while you are walking under or over. This position works for those who want to control angle, rhythm, and movement. There is also the opportunity to take turns and accept – sex is often satisfied when it involves more than just sexual intercourse.

At the picnic table

Picnic tables are versatile outdoor sex pieces that can be found right outside of you. It’s best to save the blanket first. And you may want to eat and drink unless you want to add to the mix, for example, whipped cream and popsicles.

The use of a picnic table gives you a steady angle to their body to allow for deep penetration during sex. For couples with significant differences in partners, using a stool helps you access the G-spot or prostate from the missionary position easily.

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