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Sex During Pandemic

With the latest statistics showing an increase in new cases of Covid 19 like yesterday, people wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are increasingly important. But really, after a few months of lock-up with the gradual reopening, there will be more hookups now than in the previous quiet months.

And if you’ve never worn a mask before, here are your daily reminders that it works and that you should definitely wear one if not yourself, for the health of others around you.

For most responsible people, this means that casual relationships will include wearing face masks in action in the future. The New York City Department of Health has added masks to its Sexual Prevention List, even during sexually transmitted diseases.

Here are some of the stories about having sex during the pandemic.

I hookup with this girl I was talking about before the quarantine and for the last two months. Previously we had come a little way but wanted to take things to the next level. We had never discussed masks before, but I took off my mask once we got to her place.

And saw that she was hesitant to take it off, so we realised that it was better to leave the mask. Strange because we can not joke, because it involves the mouth, it even feels strange, because without removing the mask for foreplay, we just have to jump to the part where we are both completely naked except for our masks. Imagine having sex with someone whose socks are on his face. We can’t perform oral on each other. So we have to show creativity with foreplay.” Robby, 29.

“My boyfriend recently came from overseas, so he ended his 14 days fast alone, and we waited until the 15th day to be safer. We both agreed to wear masks – all the time. Keep adopting them, but when things get fast, we found it challenging to do it verbally or breathe, so I took a moment to catch my breath from the intervals for a few moments. Someone take it off; we will return it later to be safer. There is no cure. Slow down, and you will recover. Not difficult, but this is it. Completely new experience.” – Chris, 26.

In mid-May, I matched with this guy on Tinder, who was also quarantined alone, and we talked about masturbating together in our car. It quickly became clear that touching each other would be challenging, as there was a lot of sexual chemistry, and my image was sexual frustration. We drove to her house in our separate cars, both wearing masks, and went to her garage, where she spreads a tarp and blanket over the refrigerator.

I crawled over to each other’s faces from behind, like a dog, to minimise breathing. We wear masks all the time, which feels weird and a little calming because it’s easy to forget to kiss when our faces are covered.” – Rachel, 30.

I had sex with my partner while we both wore masks because he works as a firefighter. He has extensive vigilance at work, but I am immune and both of us. We don’t want to take that risk. Wearing a mask definitely takes some distance. , so once she started routine testing for the virus in our, we decided against it. When considering sex, make sure to be open with your partner about it, especially if it’s with someone who can contact COVID-19.” – Allison 22.

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